24 Sept 2021

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ARIG seminar "Women and alcohol"

We are pleased to announce that we will be speaking alongside Dr Emily Nicholls and Dr Amanda Atkinson at the "Women and alcohol" seminar on 14 October 2021 10.00-11.30 UK time [11.00-12.30 Poland] (online) organised by the Alcohol Research Interest Group (ARIG), Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care, University College London (UCL). 
Registration is free and the seminar will take place online. To register, go to: https://t.co/lWT7DVzztV?amp=1


Dr Emily Nicholls (University of York): ‘I just feel nice with a glass of wine’: Doing 'girliness' and 'classiness' through alcohol consumption on a Girls' Night Out.

Dr Pam Lock (University of Bristol) & Dr Dorota Dias-Lewandowska (Polish Academy of Sciences):  Unheard voices - women's drinking in Polish and British public discourses in the second half of the 19th century.

Dr Amanda Atkinson (Liverpool John Moores University): ‘Pretty in Pink’, ‘Girl Power’ and ‘Send Nudes’: An analysis of the targeting and representation of women in alcohol brand and venue marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

Our thanks to the organisers, Phillipa Case and Melissa Oldham for putting together what promises to be a very interesting and enjoyable event. 

20 Jul 2021

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Previous Women and Alcohol Cluster seminars

Research Seminar 2 – Rules and Norms for female drinking – a global approach – 26 April 2020

Our next research seminar will focus on rules and norms about female drinking with papers from Hedvig Widmalm and Mareen Heyring and plenty of time for discussion afterwards. The papers are based on research on Sweden and German so there will also be the opportunity to look at comparisons between countries as we know many of you are very interested in this research avenue. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 26th April at 13.00pm. 

The meeting will start promptly at 1pm (GMT) on Zoom (joining details by request – just e-mail us) so we will be online from 12.45pm so people can join and get set up in advance. The programme will be as follows (all timings are in London GMT time zone (don’t forget British summer time)): 

1pm Hedvig Widmalm (Uppsala University) Women, alcohol and the Age of Freedom: how the regulations on brewing and selling brandy and beer affected women inthe mining town of Falun in Sweden, 1718 – 1750

1.15pm Mareen Heying (University of Hagen) Social norms on female drinking in Germany around 1900

1.30pm Discussion

1.50pm Cluster plans – next steps

Research Seminar 1 – Women and alcohol during the 2020 pandemic lockdown – 30 November 2020


1.00pm Dr Abi Rose (University of Liverpool) Drinking in the Time of COVID

How has COVID impacted our alcohol use, and what are the factors that may have driven some of the gender differences? The talk will take a look around some of the more well-established links between gendered alcohol use and mental health to answer this question.

1.15pm Dr Emily Nicholls, (University of Portsmouth), Dr Dom Conroy, (University of East London) “After a day with a baby, I feel like you deserve a bottle of wine!” Drinking, gender and motherhood during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Drawing on recent qualitative research on drinking in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic, this paper brings a gendered lens to bear on our emerging findings around ‘drinking in lockdown’. Gendered patterns around domestic drinking and beverage choice will be explored, along with the links between drinking, female friendship and motherhood.

1.30pm Questions and discussion

1.45pm Cluster forum, planning for next meeting

2.00pm Finish

9 Jun 2021

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Intoxicating Spaces: Global and Comparative Perspectives - online conference

The first results of our collaborative research will be presented at the forthcoming (free online) conference Intoxicating Spaces: Global and Comparative Perspectives organised by the HERA research project: Intoxicating Spaces: The Impact of New Intoxicants on Urban Spaces in Europe, 1600–1850.

Our paper, on female drinking at home in 19th Century Polish and British cultures will be a part of a panel "European Drinking Spaces" (Wednesday 21 July, 4–5:30pm BST): 

Session 12: European Drinking Spaces

  • Dorota Dias-Lewandowska (Polish Academy of Sciences) & Pam Lock (University of Bristol). A Woman’s Place is in the Home? Seeking the Unheard Voices of Drinking Women in Polish and British Cultures
  • Alexandr Gorokhovskiy (Utrecht University) ‘Naley enim Infunde significat’: Sixteenth-Century Moscow’s Drinking Quarter and its German Dwellers
  • Jenni Lares (Tampere University) House, Home, and Tavern: Places of Drinking in Seventeenth-Century Finland

The conference will be held live via Zoom. Monday 19–Wednesday 21 July 2021

3 Jun 2021

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Victorian women and secret drinking - Women and Alcohol cluster seminar

We are delighted to announce our next DSN Women and Alcohol cluster seminar on 1st July 2021 at 1pm GMT (on zoom) with guest speaker, Dr David Beckingham (University of Nottingham). 

David's article 'Private Spirits, Public Lives: Sober Citizenship, Shame and Secret Drinking in Victorian Britain' came out in April and he has kindly agreed to talk about the rich and interesting research behind the article before we open up the floor for an extended discussion on women and secret drinking (and beyond). We hope that you can join us. 

Victorian women and secret drinking

In this talk I will introduce the research behind my recent article, ‘Private Spirits, Public Lives: Sober Citizenship, Shame and Secret Drinking in Victorian Britain’, published in Journal of Victorian Culture.  I will explore in more detail the nature of the archival or historical record through which we can research the different attitudes to women’s drinking in this period.  In my case, this was agitation around the purchase of drink from licensed grocers and railway refreshment rooms.  Though this might now seem rather esoteric, I want to suggest that we can use these moments of temperance action not only to say something about the motivations for reform work but also to gain rare glimpses into the drinking cultures of women.


David Beckingham is a cultural and historical geographer at the University of Nottingham, and has published widely on different aspects of drink regulation, temperance and the treatment of inebriety.

If you would like to attend the seminar or join the research cluster please e-mail us on dsnwomenandalcohol@gmail.com

26 May 2021

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ZAND online seminar

‘But the climax of evil in a woman is the habit of drinking’. Was it all so bad? Representations of women’s drinking in Polish and British public discourses in the 19th century

The policing of women’s bodies and minds in the nineteenth century through the rhetoric of responsibility and moral duty was a marked feature of the articles and fiction published in the new periodicals. The choices of women regarding their personal consumption of alcohol were constrained, culturally and legally, by a perceived gender-specific responsibility to the family and community. Women's drinking culture was reduced to two extremes: the fallen drunken woman, ‘mother of destruction’ and the sober mother, ‘the angel of the house’. In our research, we seek the middle ground between these two extremes to focus on the recreational female drinkers and the rebels. Thereby we aim to nuance and balance our understanding of representations of women’s drinking by investigating two extremely different examples of European cultures: Britain, a powerful international player and the scattered nation of Poland fighting for independence after the partitioning.

This presentation will give an overview of the successful NCN Sonata project, ‘Between the drunken “mother of destruction” and the sober “angel of the house”’. Hidden representations of women’s drinking in Polish and British public discourses in the second half of the 19th century’ and some case studies on domestic spaces of alcohol consumption to give an insight into our planned approach.
8 June 2021, 3 pm Microsoft Teams